The Confident Curve

When someone hears the word “confident” and “curve” in the same sentence, their mind naturally thinks of a beautiful, curvy woman who carries herself with class. The web has recently been flooded with campaigns promoting body awareness and acceptance. Acceptance and love of yourself is one of the biggest factors in having confidence.


Confidence is one of the most attractive attributes a woman can posses. It doesn’t matter if you have the most stylish outfit, freshly blown-out hair or even if your make-up is perfect, when you lack confidence you’ll still feel incomplete. It’s no secret that many voluptuous and curvy women are brimming with confidence, one might say that curves give your confidence a slight boost.

However, the curve we are talking about when we say “confident curve” is the curve right below your nose and that is your smile. Oh how people underestimate the power of a smile. Curves do have superpowers, especially a smile.

A sincere, well timed, and fully showcased smile is not only the best accessory to any outfit, it displays confidence without ever saying a word. People have been hired for jobs based on a good smile, relationships started with a beautiful smile and kindness repaid with a lovely smile. Enter a room with a smile, walk the city streets with a smile and make eye contact with a smile. If you find yourself in public and you’re feeling insecure, or you feel like something is missing and even if you’re having a bad day…….smile.

That undressed insecurity will evaporate as soon as your smile.


Remember your smile is your trademark, it is the most important thing you’ll ever wear. There is power in a little curve known as the smile and that power is confidence. Know you’re beautiful and wear your confident curve with pride.


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