The Statement Accessory

Many people have different definitions of what a “statement accessory” means. It is usually a noticeable piece of jewelry (costume or real) that allows you to express your own style and personality but at the same time it accents what you’re wearing. Statement pieces can be bold, playful, nerdy, whimsical and political – really there are no rules. It is a walking form of art that you wear and basically you’re the museum. You can go wild with your statement accessories and layer them on or you can keep it simple and minimal.

Now we said a “statement accessory” is usually jewelry but not always. Have you ever seen a woman dressed all in black or white and then BANG……red heels. Well the heels are the statement accessory and that can be done with a purse, belt, lipstick and even a hat.

Here are some good rules of statement accessories to follow:

  • A statement piece should portray a message or mood
  • If you use something like a bag, shoes, lipstick or hat make sure the color is BOLD and pops. It should be the only thing in that color
  • Make sure the piece represents you and your style
  • If it’s minimal, make it noticeable

There are some great designers and brands who make amazing “statement pieces” and have a collection that represents their own character and flare.

Barbara Bixby is one of our favorite designers for accessories. She has an amazing eye for detail and her collection is like no one else we have ever seen. She uses influences from around the world and the boldest colors in all the right places. Her designs are intricate and gorgeous.

barbb  bbix

We also love Brighton for their playful and whimsical pieces. They have mix and match customizable lines that are great for playful expression. The fortune cookie is our favorite.


We love red lips and nails as a statement accessory. NARS is our stand out favorite in Jungle Red


As we said making a statement is important and some days we don’t feel like makeup or don’t always have our hair freshly blown out and want to be comfortable. This is when your “statement accessory” will make up for anything missing. I love Wewood watches, in fact I have gotten more compliments on my Wewood watches than anything else I wear. I’ll have my hair in a bun and look like a hot mess but I still get stopped every time by someone saying “Hey I love that watch, is it wood?” and I then I get to go into my whole how they are made speech. I love that because it brings awareness to the planet.


Your “statement accessory” doesn’t have to be expensive and in fact sometimes if we look hard enough we can create a statement out of something we already have by designing a new purpose for it. My mom had a huge sun hat she never wore anymore and I added one of my scarfs to it for a completely new and free look.


Whatever you want to express, whatever signal you want to send out or statement you’d like to make, remember make it in style.


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