1965 Lanvin PRINT AD "Figaro" Men's Colgne Vintage Bottle For Sale

1965 Lanvin PRINT AD

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1965 Lanvin PRINT AD "Figaro" Men's Colgne Vintage Bottle :

This is an original 1965 Lanvin PRINT AD

Measures approximately 8.0" x 11.25" Inches

has no tears or stains and is Graded "EXCELLENT"

Most of the old magazine covers have a subscription crease down the middle of the magazine because they were mailed by folding them - postal workers placed them into the mailboxes that way. To add to that many men carried them in their back pockets! We try to choose only those that we would consider useful – everyone’s opinions may vary in that respect so please review the picture well.

Most print ads were published one time only and occasionally as part of an AD'campaign',and were likely never commercially reproduced. Often a company may use a particular ad more than once in a year, making subtle changes in subsequent magazines. Making spotting the changes a bit of a challenge and fun. Vintage Advertisements are truly a unique find and distinctive piece for your empty frame!

So many possibilities! You can Archive them or artwork them...

Our ADs are left untrimmed giving youthe mostcreative opportunity

  1. Mint(M)– Perfect as an advertisement or cover could expect to be. There are no visible flaws, dents, dings, scratches, tears, discolorations, or impressions on the paper of the advertisement or cover.
  2. Near Mint (NM) - Minor signs of wear partly based on age and rarity of advertisement or cover. This condition describes an ad that 'looks perfect', and has only the smallest and subtlest of flaws, which could includevery minorstress marks (the marks that result from turning a page, which in this grade can only be seen at certain angles) orvery minorprinting imperfections. There is no surface wear, tearing, yellowing, staining, pencil/pen marks, or creasing on the paper.
  3. Excellent (EX) - Minor signs of wear no fading of the ink in the artwork. This condition is nearly perfect and allows for only slightly more subtle flaws than Near Mint. Minor stress marks, or printing imperfections, with no surface wear, staining, tearing, yellowing, pen/pencil marks, or creasing to the advertisement or cover. Most people would see nothing wrong with an ad in this grade.
  4. Very Good (VG) - This condition allows for only slightly more flaws than Excellent. There can be light stress marks barely visible or minor printing imperfections. A corner crease smaller than quarter inch, or two slightly less than perfectly sharp corners, or some yellowing at the edges (but not in the image area), possibly one edge tear smaller than quarter inch, very faint ink ghosting (the presence of ink on the surface from a facing page, or from the reverse side), some light tanning of the paper overall from age. No surface wear, creasing in the image area, staining, or pen/pencil marks.
  5. Good (G) - This condition allows for more flaws than Very Good, but no significant flaws. There can be some stress marks that are visible, some light printer's ink marks, some light ink ghosting, light creasing, a light subscription fold, some light pencil marks, some light surface or edge wear, light surface staining in a small area, edge tears shorter than one and one-half inch, tanning of paper overall but not brittle. This condition can also describe an otherwise EXadwith only one significant flaw such as a strong subscription crease or water stain. It would still look nice in a frame.
  6. Fine (F) - This condition allows for more flaws than G. There may be water staining with some discoloration, but not over the majority of the advertisement. There can be pen marks, a strong subscription crease, surface wear, foxing, soiling, ink ghosting, improper trimming into (but not through) a printed border, tears less than three inches, edge wear, tanning overall, surface staining, and other flaws that one might expect from an ad that comes from a back cover or has been improperly stored for years. It can also describe an otherwise "Good"adwith one significant flaw such as a strong subscription crease or water stain.
  7. Poor (P) - This condition allows for some serious flaws, and an ad in this shape will challenge the framer. All the flaws of the "Fine" condition and may be present on a "Poor"ad, along with others such as pieces missing, tape repairs, heavy staining, and soiling, ragged edges, brittle/flaking paper, crayon marks, holes, etc. Rough shape, used mainly for advertisements of such rarity that they would still command some value.

  • Rarity- is how unusual or how easily replaced the item might be. Rarity increases value directly in proportion to the scarcity of the item. Was this item available one time and one time only? On the other hand, was it a part of an ongoing continuing advertising campaign that showed up repeatedly through the years?
  • Unusual or Peculiarity– related to the above. Is there more than one copy readily available in the marketplace? Is this a one of a kind piece?
  • Contribution–how does a particular item fit into a collection? If there are ten items in a particularcollection – perhaps graded at a certain grade – may be worth more as a sum of the collection often than as each individual by itself.
  • Sentiment- perhaps the most elusive quality of the piece. Seldom if ever an issue for strict speculators, but might be a big issue with collectors. Debatable if should be included as a ‘condition’.
  • Marketability– Looks at the potential buyers available for a particular item. What has this item sold for historically, and what is the demand for this particular piece now? The internet and online sales have changed the way we shop for and collect vintage advertisements and covers. In some ways, these new sales channels have decreased the marketability of the more ‘common’ items. On the other hand, the rarer and more collectible items now bring more buyers to the hobby or vocation. These conditions, in turn, could translate into more sales and a more uniform grading and archival system.
  • Paper– paper type and acidity, color, and age is another factor to consider.

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