NEW 2021 V2 Cigar humidifier gel for humidor Adjustable 65%-70% Made in USA For Sale

NEW 2021 V2 Cigar humidifier gel for humidor Adjustable 65%-70% Made in USA
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NEW 2021 V2 Cigar humidifier gel for humidor Adjustable 65%-70% Made in USA:

This listing is for: HumiGel Cigar humidifier Regulator 70% (2oz)2021 Version - NEW Clean Design, Works the same
Jar size: Diameter 2.25" / Height 2"(1 PACK) $12.99 Free shipping

Humigel cigar humidifier, maintain 70% humidity and seasoning your humidor, adjustable, Made in USA - YouTube

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[isdntekvideo]cigar humidifier gel for cigar humidor, adjustable cap - Made in the USAAdjustable Humidifier for cigarsMade in the USA with 100% US-made premium ingredients
  • US-made humidifying gel, US-made containers
  • Prefilled in Danville, California
  • Use it right out of the box, no filling, no soaking, and no mess
  • Works with wood humidors, airtight humidors, and food containers
  • Available in 2 versions:
    • Regulator (70%) - For seasoned wood humidor and airtight humidors and food containers
    • Booster (75%+) - For dried wood humidor and humidor seasoning
  • Each 2 oz jar is good for 25-50 cigars in wood humidors or up to 100 cigars in airtight containers
  • Each HumiGel came with:
    • 1 x 2oz jar prefilled with 2.2oz humidifier gel
    • 1 x Adjustable disc

There are quite a lot of different humidifiers in the market, and some of them work quite well for some people. But there is always another group complaining that the same product doesn’t work. Why is that?


The reason is that maintaining the proper humidity in your humidor involves many variables, including the humidor size, quality, how well it can seal and the current humidity level inside. The number of cigars and the conditions of the cigars are all matters to consider.

Moreover, many people don’t season their humidor or don’t do it in the right way, and that makes maintaining the proper humidity level much more difficult than it needs to be.


HumiGel makes it simple: it’s an adjustable humidifier that can release just the right amounts of moisture that you need.

We have 2 versions of HumiGel:

  • HumiGel Regulator (RH70%)
  • HumiGel Booster (RH75%+)

Should I choose Regulator or Booster?Regulator is designed for:
  1. Seasoned wood humidors
  2. Airtight humidors
  3. Food containers
  • Maintain perfect 70% humidity
  • Use 1 to 4 jars according to your humidor size and conditions
  • Adjust the holes on the cap according to your humidor size to get total control
Booster is designed for:
  1. Dried wood humidors
  2. Unseasoned wood humidors
  • Boost the dried wood to over 75% and let the dried wood absorb enough moisture
  • Then maintain proper humidity level by adjustion the holes on the disc
  • Use 1 to 4 jars according to your humidor size and conditions
* If your humidor is always below 60% no matter what kind of humidification device you use, it’s a dried humidor. In this case, a higher level of humidity is required to bring it back to normal, it's actually seasoning your humidor.Does it really work?Food container test

First, we will use an airtight food container to show you how HumiGel can maintain the perfect humidity level. Since an airtight container has a perfect seal, it can accurately show how HumiGel works.This container is approximately 14 by 10 by 5 inches which fits around 150 Robusto size cigars, similar to a typical 100-150 count mid-size humidor. The current room humidity is just about 50%, so we will put one HumiGel regulator inside and see how long it will take to reach the 70% humidity level.

HumiGel regulator took an hour to increase the humidity level of this food container from 50% to 68%.It is maintained from 68-70% since then, as long as you don’t open the container, it stays perfectly stable. This is the reason why we want to open our humidor as few times as possible. If you open and check on it every hour, it’s impossible to maintain a stable humidity level.

At the same time, HumiGel Booster took an hour to increase the humidity level from 50% to 75%, if you let it stay inside longer, it can increase to a little higher level as this container is a perfectly sealed environment, this is similar to how we season a humidor using Humigel booster.

Next I will show you how I use HumiGel with my own humidors, as a quality wood humidor not only can maintain proper humidity, but it can also age your cigars and deliver better flavor. So, let’s see how it works on wood humidors. I will show you 3 humidors with different size, price and quality, how I use HumiGel to keep them all at the perfect humidity level.

Case 1My favorite - Manning 100 count wood humidor

We will start with a premium one: this is a hand made Manning humidor from Ireland. The Manning family are deemed the inventors of humidors and they started making humidors in 1887, they have been in business for over four generations. Each of these humidors takes months to make and its retail price is in the thousand dollars range. I actually bought this 30 years ago in London, and it cost 800 pounds. Some people call it the Rolls Royce of humidors.

This is a 100 count humidor, I normally use 2 regulators to keep it stay around 70%, one for each level. I recently just put some new cigars inside, so I added an extra one at the top level, once I feel all the cigars are moist enough, I will remove the extra one.

Case 2Daniel Marshall 165 count wood humidor

My second humidor is a 165 count, made by Daniel Marshall from Santa Ana, California, priced around $500, a very good quality large humidor.

As this humidor is large, I normally use 3 regulators to keep it around 68%, if I want it to get close to 70%, I will add an extra one.

Case 3Unbranded 100 count wood humidor

The last one is a low-price humidor, it's an unbranded 100 count $100 humidor. It’s brand new, it’s so dry as it has never been seasoned. Let’s season it with some HumiGel boosters. I put 8 boosters, 4 on each level.

It took almost 30 hours to reach around 68-70%, I let it went up to 75%+ and held it for another 3 days to let the wood absorb enough moisture.

Then, I remove 4 of the 8 boosters, just keep 4(2 for each level) to let it drop down and maintain around 70%.Since it’s still very new and I will keep 4 boosters in 70% for weeks and put some lower price cigars first, when it’s good enough, I will put some premium cigars inside, then replace 1 or 2 boosters with regulator or simply adjust the holes on the cap to reduce the amount of moisture, in order to maintain the perfect humidity.

This low-price humidor is usable, the craftsmanship is not perfect, but the overall quality is acceptable at this price, with 3-4 HumiGel boosters, it can maintain the proper humidity level as well.

Remember, if you use HumiGel booster to season your humidor, do not put your cigars back until the humidity drops back to around 70%.

Case 4Airtight container with cigar wood boxes

As a matter of fact, no wood humidor works as well as an airtight food container JUST in terms of keeping a stable humidity level. It’s actually a good idea to store your cigars in food containers with their original wooden boxes.

I also use airtight food containers to store unopened new cigars with their original boxes, just put one HumiGel regulator inside and it will be good enough to keep it as long as you want. When I use airtight containers, I would close the holes on the cap a little bit as the container is perfectly sealed. We can adjust this cap on the HumiGel to fine-tune them by turning the holes on the cap to let them work exactly you want. You can get total control of the amounts of moisture to be released.

For some of them I don't even put a hygrometer inside the container, the first reason is I don't have that many hygrometers, the second reason is, you can't expect every hygrometer is prefectly accurate, most of them read +-2% to +-5% according to their price range and quality, sometimes I would rater trust HumiGel regulator over hygrometer.

We specially designed this cap and disc. We use 3D printing and CNC drilling to produce them at our own workshop right here in Danville, California.

Now, you’ve discovered how simple it is to maintain the proper humidity level in your humidor with HumiGel. Every HumiGel is made in the USA with 100% US-made premium ingredients and costs less than just 10 dollars.Thank you for supporting American-Made products.

Adjustable Humidifier for cigarsMade in the USA with 100% US-made premium ingredientsContact

Feel free to ask me questions about Humigel or anything about cigars. As a cigar aficionado with 30+ years of experience, I am happy to share what I have learned in my journal. Let's learn something together.

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