Fatkini: Insulting or Inspirational?

Last summer the internet was all abuzz with inspirational photos of plus sized ladies posting selfies of themselves in bikinis. These gorgeously bold woman were hashtagging their photos #fatkini. This was in an effort to support a body-positive community. This is how the word fatkini was born and became part of everyday mainstream society.

It was buzzing so much that Buzzfeed.com literally made a lifestyle page showcasing these photos. A few confident woman showing off plus sized fashion swimwear inadvertently launched a movement by standing up to “fat shaming” and consequently changed the lives of big girls everywhere. The intention was just to show their real bodies without shame but before anyone knew it woman across the globe started snapping selfies in the cutest bikinis or as they hashtagged it #fatkinis in support of this positive movement.



This summer will be no different, the positivity continues. The designers and fashion bloggers quickly took notice and now you can find fatkinis in more colors, styles and available from more retailers than before. The real question is do designers and retailers care about providing plus size ladies quality fashion wear, in cute styles, that actually give us a variety beyond the standard designs or are they simply jumping on the trend bandwagon for now? Needing a bathing suit or a fatkini is not a trend for a curvy girl who wants to go to the beach or swim. Having adequate and stylish swimwear is a necessity for anyone’s lifestyle, including plus sized women, who happen to like water activities or basking in the sun.

Designers and stores need to wise up and grasp the concept that there will always be a need for the fatkini that extends far beyond any trend on social media. All our bodies are different and the days of big girls hiding under a sheet at the beach are far gone. If you don’t like the name fatkini, at least you can appreciate the courage of the ladies who are inspiring generations old and new. It looks like the fatkini is here to stay and we haven’t heard any complaints from the guys who like a little meat with their potatoes.


While the majority are behind the fatkini name, some people feel like it should just be a bikini and that including the word “fat” is derogatory and insulting. I am for whatever empowers you. Some people are easily offended and others embrace themselves and make their own mark. Remember it was a plus sized woman who started that hashtag #fatkini on Instagram. If you don’t like the name then create something reflective of yourself. I am a bit of a rebel that way and love to set my own trends. So for those of you who may have been offended with the fatkini name, I’ve created a few tags you can use when sharing your fashion swimwear with the world: curvykini, divakini, offroad-kini, fabkini, pluskini and bigkini – but none of those have the same amazing and empowering origination as the #fatkini.


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