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We are not actually geometric shapes but our bodies do reflect certain similar characteristics of shapes. So a shape guide was designed to help women figure out their shape and how to dress their shape in a flattering manner. A question women often pose, almost on a daily basis is “Does this look good on me?” We want to feel reassured that we are choosing the right outfit, accentuating our curves and hiding unflattering areas of our bodies. Part of feeling good is looking good and knowing we look good is a great little confidence booster that puts an extra pep in our step.

Your body shape is determined by genetics, bone structure, and how your muscle and body fat is distributed.  It is NOT determined by your weight. Your body shape remains basically the same no matter how your weight may change. There are distinct differences between the most common body shapes. Knowing your individual body shape, and choosing clothing silhouettes that compliments it, is the foundation for looking your absolute best.

Here are the most common body types, and suggestions on how to flatter to each shape best:



Diamond – Your fuller at the waist and smaller at the bust and hips. Your face, neck, arms and legs are proportionate. Show off your neck with V-neck tops and cowls or scarves this will draw the eye away from your mid-section. Elongate your tummy area by wearing draped silhouette fitted around your bust that skim over your tummy. Wear narrow flat front pants, bootleg or straight-leg, capris or leggings and skirts with high slits to show off your legs.

Hourglass – Your waistline is defined and is accentuated by your full bust and hips, resembling an hourglass. Show off your neckline with ruffles, open collars or drape details. Use belts, ties, wrap dresses to highlight your gorgeous waistline. Balance your hips with wide bootleg pants and flared skirts.

Figure 8 or Pear – You are curvy and voluptuous, your shoulders and hips are in line with your shape. Your cleavage is your best asset. Enhance your torso with open collars, V-necks and sweetheart necklines or soft draping. Accentuate your waist with waist-cinching dresses or tops and faux-wrap silhouettes. Wear darker colors on the bottom and wear flared skirts and wider legged pants.

Rectangle – Your frame is very balanced with slightly fuller arms. Your body is equal throughout. Accentuate your neckline with V-necks, cowls and crew necks. Wear curve defining bodices, pleats and pencil skirts. Wear colorful bottoms and flared leg pants.

Triangle – Your upper body is smaller than your lower body and hips. Your bust is a featured asset but your lower half is nicely pronounced. Wear scoop necklines, sweetheart or v-necklines and accent your bust with pleats, fitted tops and bodices. You should wear pencil skirts and wrap around dresses and even an A-line skirt. Elongate your leg with wide legs pants or jeans.

Oval – You have a full figure with your waist being fuller than your bust and hips. You have slender legs and arms. Wear V-necks, scoop and cowl necklines. Elongate your waist with empire waistlines and faux wrap dresses, princess seams and blouson style tops. Wear lighter color bottoms, dropped waists and high slits.

Inverted Triangle – You have a statuesque proportioned figure and narrow hips with broader shoulders longer legs. Wear V-neck, deep scoop, or u-neck tops but use darker tops and fitted tops. Wear wrap and belted dresses, form fitting silhouettes, and A-line skirts. You should also wear lighter colors on your bottom half.

Women come in every size and shape. We are curvy, straight, short, tall and everything in between. Silhouettes that flatter your body shape, sizing that’s customized for your unique measurements. When you dress for your shape, you can dress with the confidence of knowing that you’re maximizing your best assets.



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