Modeling Tricks From the Pros

Modeling Tricks From the Pros That You Can Use, Too

A Guest-Post from Lindsay Sanders at Guest Blog

Being a model isn’t just about looking naturally gorgeous when you wake up. After all, we don’t all have tiny birds to dress us, Cinderella-style. Surprisingly, neither do top models! Instead, they employ a variety of little “industry tricks” to bring out their beauty. Here are a few you can try the next time you’re in a beauty slump:

1. Look more awake without chugging coffee

Caffeine’s a great thing when you’re trying to perk up, but there’s a simpler trick that can make you look more awake, even if you’re still snoozing on the inside. Just dust some lightly metallic gold eye shadow on your lids. The bright color is an instant pick-me-up for your face. Gold isn’t your thing? Try using the tips of your fingers to smudge a small amount of white eye shadow on the inside “v” of your eyes. This helps your eyes look wider and more awake.

2. Beat allergies with eye shadow

Bloodshot eyes aren’t just for alcoholics. People with serious allergies often get bleary, bloodshot eyes just from pollen. If you’re one of these unlucky ladies, try a simple swipe of navy blue eye shadow. The color makes the whites of your eyes look even brighter.

3. Slick strands with silk

Models often have rough, dry hair from all the styling they undergo. Whether you’ve got wrecked tresses or shiny, smooth hair, use a silk pillowcase to protect it. Cotton can cause friction and snag your locks. Silk is much easier on your hair, no matter what state it’s in.

4. Cool color correction

A one-size-fits-all concealer won’t fool anybody. To keep your look natural, get a darker color and a lighter one. Some places on your face, like under your eyes, can look artificial and weird if you use the same concealer you’d use on a chin zit. Afterward, instead of layering on straight foundation, try mixing your usual stuff with your favorite moisturizer. This lighter blend looks more natural and can help keep your skin looking great.


5. Picture perfection

Of course, all the makeup in the world won’t help if you can’t take a good picture to save your life. To minimize a double chin (even if you don’t have one in real life, they often turn up in photographs – weird, huh?), jut your chin slightly in photographs. Pretend like you’re putting your chin on a shelf. If you have a snap-happy friend with a camera, look great no matter what by saying “Thursday” instead of “cheese”. Why Thursday? The first syllable gives you sexy pouty lips, and the second gives you a nice, natural smile. Much better than that cheesy grin!

Even if you don’t look like a pro model when you roll out of bed, it’s incredibly easy to fake. Simple makeup tricks from the pros can help anybody look and feel their absolute best. Channel your inner model, try these tricks and know that you look amazing!

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